Headphones Make New Frends Fashionable: Review

Headphones Make New Frends Fashionable


(Above Nicole Hanratty wearing Suzanne Lay with Frends Headphones. Photo credit: Clinton Gaughran)

When it comes to headphones, it's time to make new Frends. Frends headphones have created a whole new type of jewelry for your ears that make them this Spring's must-have accessory.

While Frends carries both in-ear and over-the-ear headphones, Life of a Rock Star™ editor Nicole Hanratty recently met and fell in love with Layla Gold. These over-the-ear headphones combine sexy design with butter soft leather pillow-like ear cushions boasting memory foam. Tie in amazing sound with a three button mic that has volume, music and phone control with a soft fabric cord that resists tangling and you have fashion's newest crave.

Perfect for lounging, gaming, and fielding calls with rock star style, Layla headphones are comfort to your ears. From the minute the coveted creme yellow box Frends are packaged in is nestled within your fingertips, you will treasure your custom crafted quality sound delivering headphones.

This Los Angeles designed jewelry inspired line comes with its own white zippered carrying case so you can neatly stow your gems away while not in use. The premium sound the headphones deliver from the 30mm driver block out exterior noise and create a quiet space within which to enjoy your playlist or take your call.

The hand crafted metal makes
Frends stand out from the crowd and gives them a diamond standard edge in the world of fashionable headphones. With multiple colors and styles from which to choose, these custom in-ear and over-the-ear headphones are accessories to treasure.

"The best headphones!" -- Nicole Hanratty

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