13 Year Old Olivia Cella nails cover of “Blank Space”


Olivia Cella’s “Blank Space” Taylor Swift cover music video is by far the best we’ve seen yet. It grabs you with her sweet innocent young smile then hooks you with her shockingly powerful voice. At just 13 years old, Olivia Cella owns this cover bringing her own theatrical sass to the mega pop hit. All dressed up in the bathtub donning a tiara, Olivia Cella is an irresistible force tearing up magazines of tabloid news and relationships with boys that have gone down in flames.

This rising—and incredibly charitable—star has been singing since she was just six years old and has recently landed a supporting role in the upcoming feature film due out this year BLOWTORCH (starring Lois Robbins, Jared Abrahamson, Armand Assanti and Billy Baldwin.)

Watch Olivia Cella’s cover of Taylor Swift “Blank Space” video and her interview with Life of a Rockstar’s editor Nicole Hanratty below.


[Nicole Hanratty spoke with the Olivia Cella via telephone earlier this month.]


NICOLE: Hi Olivia, how are you?


OLIVIA: I’m good how are you?


NICOLE: You are so talented! When did you start singing?


OLIVIA: Thank you! I started singing when I was six years old.


NICOLE: Do you have certain artists that you really love?


OLIVIA: When I was younger I was obsessed with Lady Gaga. I liked the way she was so unique and comfortable with the way she was. Now I really like Taylor Swift, she’s just an amazing influence and role model to all the kids.


NICOLE: I agree with that for sure! I know you are involved in a couple of charities. Do you want to talk about the charities that you are involved in and why they are important to you?


OLIVIA: Yes! I’m involved with Tunes for Tots which I go to places and I sing for them to raise money for all these different charities. I’m also part of Cure Duchenne [Duchenne is a form of muscular dystrophy], which somebody found me over facebook because they saw one of my videos and they direct messaged me and I decided after I read all about that I decided I wanted to be a part of the charity because I thought it was just such an amazing program and what it was doing was just so amazing. For Cure Duchenne they gave me a song that [Sara Burgess*] wrote. It’s all about her brother because her brother…has Duchenne. So I had to sing a song called “Run Away” and shoot a video for it so they could put it on their website for many other kids and there was many other people making these videos. [See more http://www.sarahburgessmusic.com/the-run-away-project.html]


NICOLE: Where have you sung for Tunes for Tots?


OLIVIA: For Tunes for Tots I first started singing in the House of Blues, and then I sang at the Del Amo Mall and then I sang again when I was in New York for them.


NICOLE: It’s a lot for someone your age to be brave enough to sing for people. Do you have any advice for girls that are your age that maybe want to sing but are shy?


OLIVIA: Well, when I was younger I wouldn’t sing without my mom standing on the stage with me. I had to have a friend or my mom stand on the stage with me or I wouldn’t sing. Now, I’m kind of just comfortable with it. Like before I would never make eye contact with people I would just kind of look over their heads and stand there without moving. And now I’m kind of like, I’m never gonna see these people again—unless they’re like my family—and most of them are there to watch me sing so why do I have to be afraid?


NICOLE: I think we all have to start somewhere and gain strength at some point.


OLIVIA: I’m just thankful my mom put me in theatre when I was little so I don’t have stage fright! [laughs}


NICOLE: That was a good move by Mom!


OLIVIA: Yes! Whoo! Go mom!


NICOLE: I love your “Blank Space” music video! Did you have fun making that video?


OLIVIA: Thank you! It was one of the most fun videos that I’ve made! I got to go into my friend’s house and shoot that video and wear all of my sister’s dresses and dance around. It was just so much fun! And also, having my dog in the video was a plus!


NICOLE: So that’s your dog?


OLIVIA: Yeah, the entire time we were shooting she was just sitting there cuddling with me in between takes.


NICOLE: That’s so sweet! So Olivia…if you had to choose one song title, it can be any song title in the world, which song title would you say best describes your personality?


OLIVIA: There is a tie between two. The song by Taylor Swift “Welcome To New York” because I’m bicoastal and also the song “California Girls” cause they’re just both a big part of my life—like I always listen to California Girls with my sister and dance around to it all the time. It kind of just became a part of my life and the song and some of the lyrics are just so fun and crazy!


You can see more of Olivia Cella’s fun and music in her many cover videos on her YouTube channel including her most recent cover of Emeli Sandé “Clown” here.




*”Sarah Burgess, singer-songwriter and contestant on the sixth season of American Idol, released a new song called “Run Away” to benefit CureDuchenne. Burgess’ 7-year-old brother Jacob lives with Duchenne,” [via Cure Duchenne].

Taylor Swift “Blank Space” Official music video


By Nicole Hanratty
January 25, 2015

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