Adrian Lux “Make Out” features “Lauren Conrad” and Amusement Park Surprises

Katy Cappella, Adrian Lux and Nicole Hanratty at Exchange LA in artist green room
June 6, 2014 L to R: Katy Cappella, Adrian Lux and Nicole Hanratty at Exchange LA in artist green room

GRAMMY® nominated Swedish producer/DJ Adrian Lux is bringing his new “Make Out” EP to hot clubs where he can connects with his fans beyond just “Smoke and Mirrors.” Perhaps best well known for his breakout hit song “Teenage Crime” Adrian Lux loves to get into the music with the club goers and has the unique ability to read the room, ride the emotions and provide an experience that is genuinely focussed on the fans.

From his striking tall demeanor (he formerly worked as a model) to his sweet eyes that tell a story of their own, Lux sits down to chat with me about attitude, persistence and hard work.

With his friends enjoying a beverage nearby, we–pop artist Katy Cappella came out along with me to the hip LA club–find the quietest corner of the room to spend fifteen minutes getting to the heart of Adrian Lux before he hits the stage. The short timeframe is not a barrier as Adrian Lux is all heart and from songs “Sooner or Later” to “Lauren Conrad” his welcoming chill vibe music makes his genuine love of music nothing but apparent.

Nicole: You just got back from Vegas last night?

Adrian: Yep.

Nicole: You’re here tonight at Exchange, but you’ve played Exchange before. Is that right?

Adrian: Yeah, I played here twice, this will be my third show here.

Nicole: What do you like about playing Exchange LA?

Adrian: It’s cool…the energy is really good. It feels like a lot of the people that go to festivals and stuff are the people that come here. It’s a club for dancing and really experiencing music. I think that’s cool you know because some clubs, its all about the attitude but Exchange feels like it’s a lot about real live music. It’s always fun for me.

Nicole: I read that experiencing music and feeling music is very important to you. Do you want to talk a little bit about that what you hope people feel when they listen to your music?

Adrian: I mean, I come from more like a techno background and for me club music was such an important thing to me in my life. I would go out and, I mean I could just enjoy the music…and it kind of helps when you’re in that surrounding, have that sound and you can discover stuff about yourself. I mean, I’m kind of like a dreamy person [laughs]. I always like to believe in something–like we’re doing it for something great. I got into like a lot of progressive music as well when I was younger and I felt like the sets back then were a lot like story telling. It was like a fairytale to kind of listen to some of my favorite DJs. I mean that vibe is always very important to me.

Nicole: What do you think you’ve discovered about yourself through your music?

Adrian: I think the only thing that matters is how you feel as a person and how you see yourself. On the dance floor if you’re out in a club you’re all equal. You know? It’s hard to explain.

Nicole: So even though you are a super star producer you feel equal to everyone on the dance floor?

Adrian: Yeah, even when I’m DJing, we’re all there together to make something beautiful and I couldn’t do it without the fans and they couldn’t do it without the music. And that’s the nice thing about music and dance music for example. You’re all there to have a good time and experience something. I was playing a lot of like hip hop…when I was growing up and I just thought it was so refreshing when I got into the dance music scene, so like, less attitude. And for me I’m a lot about the music, I mean I love that kind of music too you know, but I think it’s cool and it is about the actual happening there and what you experience together.

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Nicole: It definitely is. I think when you’re playing music in this kind of environment, the energy of your fans and the people in the club kind of takes on its own experience and creates the night for people. Whereas, you’re right, it’s not so much about having an individual attitude as it is about community.

Adrian: Yeah.

Nicole: And I know that in particular you’ve said that you want your music to be unique and you like, in music, people who don’t just go the mainstream.

Adrian: Yeah.

Nicole: Can you talk a little bit about the importance to you of bringing a unique sound to that community feeling?

Adrian: I mean, that’s a little about…you’re like giving yourself up to like the music, you know? And for me it was when I started going out and all that when I was younger. I just wanted to hear–like I guess to do a lot of club nights for example and like the DJs I watched play..were always like, “Well you should play what you like cause that’s what you’ll do best and kind of like you have to create your own cause that’s how you’re giving back.” And for me it was like a lot of the dance music stuff and like techniques it all comes from like elements of surprise, you know? You can hear something out that you like but it’s more of an experience and I think that’s like a very cool thing about like dance music. …You go to experience new elements, it’s almost like going to an amusement park for me.

Nicole: So new music is like a roller coaster?

Adrian: Yeah. [smiles]

Nicole: You’re new EP has just been released this week so it’s such an exciting time to be talking to you. Can you tell me which song you feel most connected to?

Adrian: At the moment it’s the song called “Lauren Conrad.”

Nicole: Yes! Tell me about “Lauren Conrad!” Do you know her?

Adrian: No, I don’t know her. [laughter] No–I read somewhere or someone sent me this magazine thing where she said she was working out to a song of mine and I was like that’s really funny. I kind of tweeted about it and all that. And then at that time I was making this song in the studio. You know how we have to like name projects? I think if you go through producer’s computers you’ll find ridiculous names, you always name your songs like whatever you see.

Nicole: I was interviewing this band called Kraak and Smaak from the Netherlands…and they were telling me their working name for a song was “My Golden Volvo.” So, I totally know what you mean. You guys come up with crazy project names! [laughter]

Adrian: Yeah. …Everyone I was working with, my manager was like, “Yeah how’s it going with the Lauren Conrad song?” Names are such a funny thing too for music. You can name music anything and it just makes it more interesting than just naming it whatever they’re singing or you know like a city or whatever. So I think that’s like an art expression too naming, you know coming up with that kind of concept about it. And you know like it had like a legit backstory so I was like let’s just let it go with that thing. It’ll be better like that.

Nicole: If I asked you three things that got you to where you are today in the music world, what three things would you say got you here today?

Adrian: I grew up with a lot of people, we were all making music. I wasn’t maybe the best one. I always persistently try and experiment a lot until I found what was really my thing. …Finally I came up with something that I felt personal so I don’t know but persistence in trying to find yourself and hard, like really hard work. And just be naive and like don’t try to be cool like in the beginning just like do stupid music. I don’t know, just have fun with it. Have a lot of fun. …You shouldn’t like try to be unique, but try to be yourself as well as you can. And then, I would say luck too but that usually comes with a lot of hard work.

Nicole: So, I have a question I always ask and that is if you had to choose one song title to describe your personality–it doesn’t have to be one of your own it can be any song title in the world–which song title would you say best describes your personality?

Adrian: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe that “Torn” song. I’m a very indecisive person. [laughter]

Nicole: You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders. Like you have a solid direction.

Adrian: Thanks, I appreciate that!

Nicole: Do you have a charity that is close to your heart?

Adrian: I worked a little with Greenpeace, well I gave them a song [“Teenage Crime] for a commercial. Nature is always important to me. It will be here before and after, you know? Hopefully! [“Teenage Crime]


“Smoke and Mirrors” feat Last Lynx
“Sooner or Later” feat Kaelyn Behr
“Lauren Conrad”
“Wild Child” feat. JJ

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By Nicole Hanratty
Posted July 7, 2014