Aiden Jude “Tonight” Hits Beatport and Astonishes Music Industry

Aiden Jude photo by Nicole Hanratty April 17 2014 at Lure Hollywood IMG_0832

Aiden Jude photo by Nicole Hanratty April 17 2014 at Lure Hollywood IMG_0832
Aiden Jude photo by Nicole Hanratty April 17 2014 at Lure Hollywood IMG_0832

If you haven’t been paying attention to the youth of the electronic music generation then it’s time to sit up and take notice. Teens are inching their way into the field with unprecedented talent indicative of being raised in a world where making music on a laptop is as common as eating cereal and watching cartoons.

We’ve seen child prodigies in more traditional forms of music before–LeAnn Rimes won two GRAMMYS® in 1996 for Best New Artist and Best Female Country Vocal Performance when she was just fourteen years old–but now we are seeing them step up to the DJ turntable and exhibit phenomenal skills in producing.

Last weekend LOAR chatted with hot 17 year old Martin Garrix and the brother and sister teen duo of Carbon Airways–both grabbing headlines at Coachella this year. But the youth takeover doesn’t stop there. Meet Aiden Jude. At just ten years of age, he was born to make music despite what his critics say.

With a strong work ethic–personally witnessed at LURE Hollywood last night–and devotion to his craft, Aiden Jude spends hours making music his mother tells me. I sat down to chat with 10 year old Aiden and his parents (who express the importance of family in his life), last night after an impressive hand selected set (not pre-recorded) at one of the hottest spots in Los Angeles. We found a quiet booth away from the crowd to chat for a few minutes about Aiden’s “LA Takeover” which has him playing Supperclub in Los Angeles tonight. I could not have been more impressed with his manners from assertively shaking my hand upon meeting me to confidently making eye contact, being respectful and engaging attentively in our conversation.

The born and raised native New Yorker Aiden Jude is on his first trip ever to California for the release of his new song “Tonight” and exclusive BNG LA club debut. Says Aiden, “Yesterday I played The Attic, today I’m playing Lure, tomorrow I’m playing the Supperclub.” Asking a ten year old what his favorite thing about California is, one might expect an answer along the lines of the beaches or Disneyland. Yet when posed with this question Aiden replies, “The clubs are really nice. Lure is the best one I’ve been to and the crowd is really nice too. It’s a really cool club.” “How would you compare it to a club in New York?” I ask somewhat astonished that I’m chatting club life with a ten year old. “I would say Lure is sort of similar to Marquee. They’ve sorta got the same feeling.” I can’t help but ask him if it feels strange to be his age and have the low down on all the clubs. “No, not at all,” he answers with an entirely professional face.

DJ Aiden Jude – Tonight ft. Nafsica

As for where Aiden Jude plays, that is up to his parents. When I ask Aiden how he chooses where he wants to play, his mom chimes in saying, “I think the parent’s help decide.” We all laugh and Aiden’s father adds, “The ultimate goal is not really to play nightclubs just yet but it’s part of building his track record, experience, reputation playing in the field. …We’re going through the cycle now playing in some of the key venues in New York, LA, Miami but ultimately we want to see him play more daytime festivals and that sort of a thing.” Aiden says he has his sights set on Ultra Music Festival in Miami and Tomorrowland Music Festival in Belgium and given that he already has a booking in South Africa next month, these festivals seem right within his reach.

I ask the ten year old–whom will win your heart over after a minute of chatting with him–who he thinks are the hottest DJ’s right now. “I think Zedd is definitely making a big mark with his sort of aggressive but dub sound a little bit and Martin Garrix definitely. He’s got this big sound, it’s a very cool sound.” He adds, “I listen to all of them. Tiësto, Hardwell, Martin Garrix.” When asked who he would like to work with, Aiden says, “I’ve been really wanting to work with Martin Garrix because he kind of has the same sound as me and he’s really young so I just think it would kind of work.”

Aiden Jude with Nicole Hanratty after his set at Lure Hollywood. April 17, 2014
Aiden Jude with Nicole Hanratty after his set at Lure Hollywood. April 17, 2014

Aware Aiden Jude is facing the inevitable naysers upon the release of his hot new track “Tonight,” I ask him both about his song and the reaction of those around him. “We just released it four days ago, we have like 60,000 views on YouTube,” he says. “We’re trying to get it into the top 100 on Beatport.” (Given that Beatport executives were in the audience last night to witness Aiden Jude, it seems a distinct possibility this goal will be attained.) “What do your friends think of what you do?” I ask the focussed ten year old. “My friends think it’s really cool and a lot of them are really supportive of it.” How does he handle those who are not supportive of him pursuing his passions? “I just kind of move away from it. I don’t sit there and argue with them. I just move away from it, like [makes a dismissing hand gesture] you know what? It’s not that big of a deal.” His dad confirms Aiden’s stance, “He’s very focussed on his project and his goal. You know, either join the party or see ya later.” “I want to join the party,” I tell Aiden. “Can I join the party?” “Yeah, totally,” he answers with a smile proving the only ones missing out are those walking away.

“Tonight” by Aiden Jude now available on Beatport
A remix package of the song with four or five different versions of “Tonight” is set for release in early May.



Interview by Nicole Hanratty
Posted April 18, 2014