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Dinner And A Suit’s brand new single “Can’t Get Enough” is racking up play counts on SoundCloud (almost 180,000 to date) and if you’ve ever seen this band live you know why. Dinner And A Suit knows how to command a stage and turn spectators into fans by threading their music to your soul as they play. They’ve just turned their touring collection of hotel keys into a cool music video which is just one of many tricks Dinner And A Suit seem to pull off to make an indelible impression on your playlist. Watch here.

Dinner And A Suit “Can’t Get Enough” lyric video YouTube

Listen to “Can’t Get Enough” on SoundCloud here.

Dinner And A Suit’s new EP “STAY” was released last fall. Jonathan Capeci (vocals), Joey Beretta (guitars), Anthony Genca (bass), and Drew Scheuer (drums) made the choice to record it live to tape exposing their raw talent. “The songs are about being human and finding out who you are; wandering,” explains Capeci. “We wanted to be sure that we were being exposed and honest.”

Life of a Rock Star’s Nicole Hanratty spoke with Jonathan Capeci to chat about the endeavor and what is coming up in 2015 for the pop rock band with a sound that is reminiscent of a U2 style of full-bodied rock (like an amazing glass of red wine, only better).

“We were really excited to get some new music out it’s been a while since we’ve put anything out mostly because we’ve been touring a lot…we really had to block off some time to record. Stay has been out for a couple of months. We got to do some touring on those songs. We’re pretty happy with it,” Jonathan Capeci starts off the conversation talking about the new EP release.

I ask Jonathan about the hotel room key lyric video just released for “Can’t Get Enough” and admit that there is a growing collection of hotel room keys in my home as well, (although I haven’t yet found a good purpose for mine yet). “What is it about these hotel room keys that makes us want to hold on to them?” I ask. He laughs, “My manager—probably like two years ago now—he told me that somebody else does it, collects them. I think it might of been from like Blink 182 [it’s Mark Hoppus who is known to collect room key cards] …I just thought that was cool. I’m not really a big souvenir person but I thought that if I was just able to look back at a year and see a whole stack of key cards then that would be like cool. I figured that I could do something with them at some point. …Finally, once we were trying to think of an idea for a lyric video I decided that I would try that and I didn’t know if it would really come across but I think it worked out ok. Some of those key cards are from India, everywhere from India to Las Vegas and everything in between—so it’s cool to have something that helps you remember that experience.”

“It’s sort of like proof we’ve been out there working hard,” I comment. Jonathan agrees, “Exactly, yeah. [laughs] Totally. It’s cool. It’s one thing to look at all these dates on a calendar but then when you’re holding this stack of random key cards…”

“There’s so much electro-infused music in rock now, you really stay true to an organic sounding rock in this song [Can’t Get Enough]. Why is that important to you as a musician?” I asked. “I think we really wanted to find a way to challenge ourselves on this EP and just do something different and so we decided to record live to tape just to bring that, I guess, organic feel. I do like with electronic elements in music as well, some of our older music has that—even some of the music we are writing now. For “STAY” it just felt like a really personal EP for me and for us, so I think it was important to us to go all the way communicating that. Part of tracking it that way in that raw kind of exposed way I think was just something that we felt complimented the exposed sort of themes of the EP.”

I asked Jonathan about how playing on stage helps his band to see which of their songs connect with fans and how they translate those live performance experiences into recorded music. “I know that when pretty much anybody starts out writing music it usually is not in front of a large crowd of people. It’s usually in your bedroom or in a studio or a garage somewhere. There’s kind of a difference between writing it there and performing it and I think as you perform stuff over time you kind of discover what kind of things work and what things don’t work. For us, we were all on the road for like two years straight so we had written a bunch of songs in hotel rooms. We tried them out live and some of them worked and some of them didn’t. That’s a big part of it, just trying to recognize what things that we do translate live and what things we can improve on.”

Q: Which song title would you say best describes your personality?
A: Hit Me Baby One More Time

Q: In the song “Can’t Get Enough” the lyrics say, “I know I should give it up but I can’t get enough?” What can’t you get enough of that you know you should give up but you love too much?
A: Coffee, for sure. I should definitely drink less coffee but I just can’t. I’ve tried. I guess I’ve gone a few weeks before but life’s just not as good without it.

Q: What is the last album that you purchased or downloaded?
A: There’s a band that we toured with called The Rocket Boys and they just put out a record this past week it’s called “Left Right” it’s an EP. It’s really good, I would highly recommend that.
The Rocket Boys “Left Right” on iTunes

Q: Who are your heroes?
A: Musically, U2, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones.

Invisible Children http://invisiblechildren.com/



By Nicole Hanratty
Posted February 4, 2015

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