Facebook Creates Music: Brings Together Stereospread


Stereospread is James Hopkins and Sara Snyder. The two met by chance on Facebook both drawn to comment on the same post made by a mutual friend. Those comments segued into a conversation on said friend’s Facebook page which made the leap over to Skype and eventually an in person meeting. James eventually moved to Asheville NC to be with Sara and aside from Facebook creating love, it was a catalyst to creating an electro pop band that creates dreamlike music.

James said he was drawn to Sara because of her interest in synthesizers making her unlike most girls he meets or talks to. Said James, “I would say that most women I have met have never been like, ‘Hey James you know what would be great? If we could take the moog voyager out back and mess with the cv gate, oh my god that would be amazing.”

What influences their music? “Both James and I love M83. There’s kind of a wide rangeā€¦I like Chromeo and Ratatat,” Sara said. “I’m more of Bel Canto, Zoetrope kind of person,” added James.

“The Darkest Place” is a significant song for James because it is the first Stereospread song to which he added his vocals, singing in unison with Sara for the chorus. Whereas for Sara, she feels most connected to Stereospread’s “Follow.” Both of these songs will appear on the full length album Stereospread is releasing post the successful release of their “The Heart & The Thief” EP via Fanattac.com.

Sara credits working with Mark Mazzetti owner of Fanattac.com whom she calls “energetic and great” as being “very influential in shaping the song of the album and really making the production shine.” They met Mark Mazzetti through their former band mate Clark Eden whom is the nephew of Mazzetti.

Listening to two of Stereospread’s highlight songs “Breathe” and “Bring Me Back To Earth” it’s evident that the combination of Sara’s unique wide ranging influenced and classically trained voice and James’ willingness to genre surf that Stereospread’s music is limitless. James feels that electro pop gives them the freedom to be influenced by other genres. Said James, “I don’t see any reason for us to limit ourselves.” “We have this philosophy that we match what the song demands,” added Sara. The two can pump out one to two songs per week and are currently sitting on at least three albums worth of music.

What’s the most recent album each of them have added to their playlists? James just downloaded an album by Venn Diagram whereas Sara downloaded Alt-J’s new album.

Which song title do they think best describes their own personality? James says, “‘Guns’ by GusGus because I’m kind of explosive in the studio and it’s kind of like holding a gun.” Sara says, “‘Mornixuur’ by Bel Canto. It reflects a lot about the history of Stereospread. James was a big Bel Canto fan and he sent me this album by them. I listened to it and I picked out that song, I really loved it. When he first came up here, I actually had memorized that song and I sang it for him in the car ride. It turned out it was his favorite song by that band. We almost named Stereospread after that song.”

The lyrics in their music perhaps say the most about this Facebook born love struck duo. “In my dream you and I were flying, from way up high we saw the world. It seemed we’d stay up there forever and still be there when we returned to earth,” (lyrics from “Bring Me Back To Earth”). Their music takes you on a journey, so prepare to take flight.

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