Hook Up Generation Wants To Be “Just Friends” Interview with Lucy & La Mer

Emerging artist Lucy & La Mer caught my eye with the veracious account of today’s hook up generation in the duplicitous music video for new single “Just Friends.” Before you decide if you want to know more about Lucy & La Mer, do what I did and watch the tongue in cheek music video. This time it’s the girl who gets to keep her “kissy touchy lovey” friends at emotional bay. Or does she?

*UPDATE MARCH 25, 2014 Just Friends music video has been reposted at new link below

Lucy and La Mer “Just Friends” (Official) Music Video

Lucy LaForge moved to Los Angeles from Santa Barbara, California where she was in school for psychology and music therapy. After she backpacked through Europe where she says, “I played random pubs getting a feel for the whole singer songwriter career. When I landed in LA I decided to stay and give it a shot.” While Lucy mainly performs her original songs, she says she enjoys singing old Johnny Cash covers “just to get the crowd going.”

I ask Lucy if she always knew she wanted to play music. She explains, “It just kind of came about a year ago. I started writing songs down. I’ve always enjoyed listening to music and my dad is pretty much a folk singer so I’ve grown up around the guitar. It’s always been a nice little hobby to have but I never took it as seriously as I am right now.”

“Did you write ‘Just Friends’ about someone in particular?” I ask, although I realize the relatable lyrics are book and bible what boys say to girls these days to get what they want with no connection required. “It was kind of just a reflection on the whole hook up culture that’s kind of going on right now,” Lucy replies. It’s just so common to say someone is ‘just your friend’ and you know, there’s always something more. I wrote it more as a joke, kind of like a satire on it because typically it’s usually a guy saying he just wants to be friends. In this one it kind of flips the tables and it’s a girl kind of writing everyone off and just making it kind of fun and flirty.”

Lucy & La Mer “Just Friends” on iTunes in US

“For your generation, do you think it’s changing the way girls should or do view a relationship?” I ask Lucy. “Absolutely. It’s such a bummer because I think a lot of people–and this goes for girls and guys actually–they’re just afraid to say what they want. They’re afraid to say, ‘No, you know what, I want a relationship. I want you.’ It’s hard to have this really honest vulnerability where you can say I do want a relationship or be honest and say, ‘No I don’t. I just want this.’ It’s so important for people to be happy and find the relationship they’re looking for.”

“It really is a totally different kind of thing that’s going on right now,” I laugh. “Yeah and that’s the reason why we really wanted to do the music video for it. …You can take it light heartedly but in the end there’s always this really sad undertone of not knowing what you want or not being able to get it.”

If you could go back in time and see your favorite artist perform live, who would it be?
Lucy: “Judy Garland…She just has this really awesome magic to her. She’s got a swagger but she’s also just so vintage, classic and witty. When she sings it all kind of vibrates and I would love to learn from her.”

If you had to choose one song title to describe your personality what would it be?
Lucy: “I think I’ll keep going with the theme of Judy Garland and say ‘Over The Rainbow’ because I’m a very bright person and definitely like to be more on the dreamy side than the harsh reality side.”

Lucy & La Mer members are Lucy LaForge (vocals, baritone ukulele, guitar), Matthew Cook (GRAMMY® nomination w/LA Quartet percussionist), and Jon Lee Keenan (upright bass). They also have a rotating group of folk musicians that accompany them with instruments that include harp, accordion, trumpet, keys, & mandolin.

Lucy & La Mer upcoming EP “Little Spoon” is being mixed by Bill Rahko (Paul McCartney, Daft Punk), produced by Jonathan Nesvadba (Pearl Tone Studios, Moby) and mastered at Abbey Road.


Music review and interview by Nicole Hanratty
Posted February 3, 2014

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