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Adrenaline inducing rock music makers, I Fight Dragons (writers and performers of the theme song for the network show The Goldberg’s) recently released a new album The Near Future that will get your heart racing. Lead singer Brian Mazzaferri spent some time talking with Life of a Rock Star about all kinds of things—including emoji etiquette—and the band’s new music which tells a story as each track unfolds in true comic book form.

Designed to be a song cycle, the album’s first ten tracks features more than music, it features a graphic novel that tells you what is happening in the story. There is a large graphic novel as well as YouTube graphic lyric videos that tell the story as well. (Be sure to check out the I Fight Dragons web store here: http://ifightdragons.spinshop.com/).

Nicole: I feel like we could do an emoji texting interview, it would be very I Fight Dragons game like.

Brian: It’s true, I could use a space invader, a whale, I like him. The camel. I like writing emoji haiku where I feel like you have to combine three emoji to say something larger. But you have to limit yourself, it can only be three at a time.

Nicole: That would be hard!

Brian: Yeah, it’s tough to have a conversation exclusively in emoji haiku.

Nicole: I met someone who was texting me all these emojis in like the first twelve hours.

Brian: Whoa, that’s fast for emoji. No doubt about it.

Nicole: (laughing) Isn’t there emoji etiquette? Don’t you have to build up to that?

Brian: I feel like there are types of emoji, you have inter-emoji intensity levels. Right? Certain emojis are casual in a fun way, but then there’s some intense ones too man.

Nicole: I think you have to work your way up to even the real smiley face.

Brian: Yeah! You have to go the colon parentheses smile first.

Nicole: I think you have to at least have coffee with someone in person before you thrown out the kissy emoji.

Brian: (laughing) Oh, that’s a whole other one. Kiss face? Kissy emoji? That’s a big level.

Nicole: That’s a huge level, right? (laughing). So you have a new album that just came out right?

Brian: Yes! The Near Future, it came out about a month ago now.

Nicole: And you just came off of the Warped Tour a bit ago?

Brian: Yeah, we did that this last summer. We had initially planned to release the album right as we came off but there was a few months of delay there due to physical record pressing concerns.

Nicole: Well, it’s a big job to press those records.

Brian: Yeah, mostly pressing that many crazy records was the main concern. (laughs)

Nicole: So tell me about fighting dragons and how’s the going for you? Are you winning?

Brian: Sure, the thing about fighting dragons it’s not like slaying dragons or killing dragons —it’s more about the fight itself. So, I feel like sometimes you’re winning, sometimes you’re losing but the fight itself is really the reward in the end.

Nicole: It’s what really builds character.

Brian: Yeah, exactly.

Nicole: So, I’m wondering if I Fight Dragons might be doing something in the future with Pentatonix since you’ve announced your love of a cappella and beat boxing.

Brian: (laughing) Nice! Hey! I’m an a cappella fan, I love music barber shop, I love arrangements like that. Actually, Bill who was in the band for a long time (recently left) good friends with all of us was a music director of an a cappella group at the University of Illinois and is a big Barber Shop nerd as well.

Nicole: So it’s not being ruled out yet that I Fight Dragons may go a cappella?

Brian: Absolutely not ruled out. It could happen. You never know. The full a cappella experience.

When I asked about how I Fight Dragons navigates the music world brand versus label route, Brian Mazzaferri responded, “We’ve sort of tried all the routes. The funny thing is we were on a label for two years, and then that didn’t particularly work out for us but then throughout we’ve always had a lot of fun relationships with brands and we’ve gotten been lucky enough to get a lot of great opportunities like that with WWE and Nintendo and Sony and Crackle with the Summer of Heroes. …We’re sort of always trying to find our own way.”

LISTEN to “The Near Future”

Q: Which song title would you say best describes your personality?
A: “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell



via AA Artists and Press:
If you’re not familiar with I Fight Dragons, the band’s is a chip-tune band from Chicago using all kinds of crazy things to get awesome sounds including Gameboys and old Nintendo powerpads. They were signed to Atlantic, but they got dropped when the label reshuffled after they released their album “Kaboom!.” The band launched a KickStarter campaign in 2013, raised over $100,000 to make their album and it was released just this past month on vinyl and download – it even charted on vinyl. If none of this rings a bell, then chances are that you’ve heard them on ABC’s The Goldbergs – they wrote and performed the theme song for the show.

By Nicole Hanratty
February 27, 2015

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