Lecrae on Anomaly album & Jeremy Lin

Anomaly, The New Album From Lecrae
Anomaly, The New Album From Lecrae

Lecrae is the GRAMMY® award winning hip hop artist best known for his rap that speaks his truth, reflects his Christian ideals and his ability to speak on a motivational level and lead prayers insides professional locker rooms. From inspiring death row inmates to runaways, Lecrae chats with Nicole Hanratty about how his music connects with fans saying, “Circumstances don’t have to dictate who we are.” His new album “Anomaly” is set for release September 9, 2014.

In part one of Life of a Rockstar’s interview [listen below via YouTube or go to SoundCloud)] hear Lecrae’s answer to how he thinks his close friends Jeremy Lin, Bubba Watson and Dwight Howard are all anomalies.

Lecrae interview part one: Why Jeremy Lin, Bubba Watson and Dwight Howard are all anomalies

In part two of Nicole Hanratty’s interview with Lecrae he talks about his thisisfatherhood.com campaign with Dwyane Wade and how he puts the message in his music to action. “I’m a dad and that’s cool and you should be proud of that. I think a lot of times within hip hop we have Daddy issues and we long for father figures so we look up to a lot of the guys who are rapping to us and we’ve just got this wound of not having a guy showing us what it means to be a guy. So we’ve got Daddy issues and we talk about having the issue but we don’t talk about how that’s resolved or what we would ultimately love to see.” With one of the best parenting tips ever, the hip hop artist also shares what his single mother who raised him did right with a can of Glade.

Lecrae interview part two: Anomaly, Fatherhood Campaign with Dwyane Wade & New Laker Jeremy Lin

LISTEN to Lecrae interview part two on Soundcloud

Lecrae explains in his own words why he thinks he is an anomaly, “At the end of the day I’m a dude who comes from an urban environment and so I know a lot of times people don’t see me like a conservative Christian with tattoos everywhere who raps and hangs out with dudes who probably do get high and so on and so forth but you know I’m there to love ’em and just hopefully be the change that they need to see.”

Already creating a social media stir with high profile athletes tweeting out their #anomaly, (see Jeremy Lin’s tweet below) the highly anticipated album is available for preorder now with four singles already released. Lecrae wraps up his interview by talking about his excitement to see Jeremy Lin suit up in purple and gold for the Lakers and says we’ll see him court side for sure on the West Coast.

Q: Which song title best describes your personality?
A: “I’m not sure. Honestly, if there’s a song called indescribable (laughter) I think that would be a lot of it. I’m all over the place.”

Q: Who is on your playlist and which emerging artists are you excited about?
A: “Real excited about a guy out of Ohio, Akron–Lebron’s home–named Swoope he had the number one hip hop album on iTunes yesterday [Sinema] so shout out to Swoope. …Another guy Propaganda out of California. I’m into like a lot of guys that are on the verge or on the come up because it’s refreshing and it’s new. So Propaganda and then my own label mate Andy Mineo who’s a beast, you know he’s phenomenal. I think he’s great. I like Mali Music, he’s got some new good stuff out and a great singer. So, I’m excited about all those fellas.”

Jeremy Lin tweets his #anomaly



By Nicole Hanratty
Posted August 10, 2014