Minority Report with Meagan Good fighting futuristic crime

New on Fox this season is Meagan Good playing Detective Lara Vega starring in the high tech futuristic crime fighting series “Minority Report.” Set in the year 2065, Good plays a police officer that is out to fight crime one vision at a time. Why “vision” you ask? Because her partner can see murders that happen in the future.

There are a few snags in what one would think would be a perfect partnership, namely her partner Dash has no social skills and limited crime predicting ability without his siblings. Dash, whom is played by Stark Sands, needs his sister Agatha (played by Laura Regan) and brother Arthur (played by Nick Zano), to get a complete picture of the imminent crime. However, Dash’s siblings are no longer willing to help the government that held them against their will to obtain their knowledge for ten years.

The show takes a few episodes to hit its stride, as the complex storyline needs time to set the framework. The pilot throws a lot of new technology at you at once (understandably so as it’s 50 years in the future). Power through it, let yourself wrap your brain around the technological advances, (remember that 50 years ago we didn’t even have cell phones), and stick with a few episodes. With six episodes now out, the characters are unfolding nicely and starting to reveal their own vulnerabilities while the show’s plot is gaining momentum.

Minority Report is sure to spark loads of debate at the water cooler. It delves into some deeper cultural issues probing at the role technology may have in the future creating a police state. Technology advances pose moral questions to society such as, if you can predict crime is it justified to lock up a pre-determined criminal for a crime he/she has not yet committed but allegedly will if left unrestrained. Is it justified to monitor the behavior of citizen’s for indicator’s that he/she is at high risk of committing a crime? Does the monitoring and targeting of high risk citizens actually drive them to commit crimes? Where should the law draw the line between free will and the possibility that fate will intervene to prevent crime and deciding that based on a person’s google searches or twitter posts, an individual is destined to commit the crime?

Skeptical that technology could go this far and that the show’s premise is too far fetched? Think again. Minority Report comes at a time when police are beginning to use software to predict crime. A recent report from Jacksonville, Florida shows police are already using technology to be at the scene where they think crime may happen. The Jacksonville police are using a software that is based upon an algorithm filled with past crime data to calculate where it thinks the next crime will occur. Read about the predicting crime software here. Even the New York Times is talking about the ability to predict crimes in this recent article titled, “Police Program Aims to Pinpoint Those Most Likely to Commit Crimes.” Science Daily seems to agree, as last month they published an article on predicting crime in Los Angeles titled, “Predictive policing substantially reduces crime in Los Angeles during months-long test.” Imagine where this technology will be 50 years from now when we hit 2065. Let’s just hope Meagan Good aka Det. Lara Vega is on hand to keep us safe.

The Minority Report cast includes Stark Sands playing the lead male role as Dash, Detective Vega’s partner who sees clips of murders that are about to happen. Wilmer Valderrama as Will Blake. Li Jun LI as Akeela. Nick Zano as Arthur. Laura Regan as Agatha. Daniel London as Wally. Minority Report was developed by Max Borenstein as a sequel to the 2002 Steven Spielberg–directed movie starring Tom Cruise. The series premiered September 21, 2015 on Fox.

For more on Minority Report TV series visit: http://www.fox.com/minority-report. You can watch full episodes on Fox Now here: http://www.fox.com/minority-report/full-episodes or on Hulu here http://www.hulu.com/minority-report.

Nicole Hanratty interview with Meagan Good, OTRC
Nicole Hanratty interview with Meagan Good, OTRC

Watch the LOAR interview with Meagan Good on the red carpet last September where she chats fashion and music.

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