Music Unites at 2012 House of Rock

Music Unites event September 2012 l to r:  Rishi Kamar (GUNS Clothing) and Nicole Hanratty
Music Unites event September 2012 l to r: Rishi Kamar (GUNS Clothing) and Nicole Hanratty

Music Review / Benefit Event
by Nicole Hanratty
September 17, 2012–Santa Monica, Ca – Music Unites “Be Your Own Muse” campaign raises awareness and empowers girls in music through education. Music Unites together with Warner Bros. Records launched its “Be Your Own Muse” campaign in Los Angeles by kicking off a charity concert event at the 2012 House of Rock on Saturday night.
It launched this past weekend in LA with “an amazing educational panel with leading women in music including Phylicia Fant, Julie Muncy, Michelle Jubelierer and a special songwriting session with Candace Lee Comacho and Helena.” ( In addition, Guitar Center donated 30 brand new Fender guitars to the participating and appreciative girls in Compton. Life of a Rockstar was thrilled to be invited to the event.
It takes something very special to pull off an event of this magnitude. But when you bring together people from all different backgrounds with one common interest, a symbiotic energy fills the air. Such was the feeling at the 2012 House of Rock on Saturday night. More than a mansion on display, it was a magical evening of raw talent and inspirational moments to benefit a charity that does fantastic work.
The event (sponsored by Guitar Center, Casa Noble Tequila, Fender, Rock Paper Photo, Coca-Cola, Whole Foods, Modern Bite, Ciroc, Sony, Verizon, and many other philanthropic companies), was akin to a music festival with amazing talent set up to play throughout different rooms of the 10,000 square foot mansion with a main stage set up in the backyard overlooking a serene golf course on the near 2 acre estate recently purchased and renovated by owner Elaine Culotti.
House of Rock,
The house itself was a central focus of the evening having been styled by top designers Ralph Pucci, David Bromstad and Sami Hayek. Guests were allowed to meander through the entire home to tour its grandeur. No one wanted to leave the spectacular bathroom filled with champagne where just about anyone could sound amazing singing in the shower and catch it on tape. The House of Rock was dubbed as such because musicians can record from virtually every single room of the house–including the bathroom.
Music Unites September 2012 at House of Rock in Los Angeles,
(Pictured above L to R: the the producer’s panel)
Music Unites September 2012 at House of Rock in Los Angeles, Daniel Norman and Nicole Hanratty
Pictured l to r: A House For Lions guitarist and lead singer, Daniel Norman with Nicole Hanratty

(Pictured l to r: A House For Lions guitarist and lead singer, Daniel Norman with Nicole Hanratty)
A state of the art production studio sits on the top floor of the home and is decorated to have more of a living room lounge feel than hard studio. A House For Lions ( was in the midst of recording their debut album and Music Unites guests were able to hang out on the long curved snake-skin patterned couch that screams rock and roll—even be a bit silly taking photos with the band—while they performed and worked on recording their soon to be released debut. The sound in the room is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Even amidst the cocktail party chatter, the music came through like velvet somewhat attributable to the light fixture pendants hanging down instrumentally from the padded vaulted ceiling.
Music Unites September 2012 at House of Rock in Los Angeles, Nicole Hanratty and Lianne La Havas
l to r: Lianne La Havas and Nicole Hanratty

The talent was stellar and guests were treated to phenomenal displays of musical ability. Downstairs in the “Library” solo artists on the rise John West and Elaine Faye performed. In the “Great Room” live acts included Cameron and Voxhaul Broadcast. Also starring in the “Great Room” was Lianne La Havas, the Music Unites celebrity ambassador and the U.K. soul singer whose debut album “Is Your Love Big Enough?” hit #1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Album Chart. The uber talented Shiny Toy Guns and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club bands played the “Main Stage.”

Memorabilia at House of Rock
On display throughout the home hangs memorabilia from renowned artists such as John Mayer, vintage record players and Fenders.

Rock Paper Photo images at House of Rock
Viewing the walls lined with framed iconic images of famed legends in rock and roll music captured in rare moments, provided by Rock Paper Photo, was a highlight of the evening and added to the ultra hip rock star décor of the home.
pool at House of Rock (Music Unites event) 2012
The pool in the backyard is a focal point of The House of Rock. The teal recliners and oversized oval chairs set in shallow water are both inviting and cozy. They created an additional outdoor lounge environment for the guests to use throughout the evening. Guests vied for a spot on the chairs with the breathtaking view of the golf course.
The VIP event featured open bars stationed throughout the home, tray passed hors d’oeuvres as well as decadent buffet displays. The evening was hosted by event Co-Chairs: Mike Albanese (Publisher of Spin Magazine), Randy Spendlove (President of Paramount Music), Steve Levine (Partner, ICM Partners) and Jed Selkowitz (Vice President of Strategic Marketing at XIX Entertainment).
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Shiny Toy Guns at Music Unites House of Rock
(Pictured above: Shiny Toy Guns on the Main Stage at the Music Unites charity event in Los Angeles at the 2012 House of Rock)
Music Unites, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is dedicated to bringing music education to underprivileged children in underfunded inner city school systems.
Our goal is to connect people through the universality of music by providing communities with opportunities for a rich musical experience. This is achieved through music education programs and by offering established and emerging musicians performance opportunities in a variety of venues and locations, including schools, where they act as mentors to the students.
We also nourish the next generation of performers by providing audiences and performance opportunities, while at the same time enriching the listening experience of the public, allowing them to experience new forms and genres through exposure to an increasingly diverse world of music.
Music Unites, the New York City based non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining funds for music education programs in under developed school districts, announces its with House of Rock LLC as the featured charity beneficiary for House of Rock’s VIP Opening Party on Saturday, September 15, 2012.

(Pictured left: Candace Lee Comacho holding the Be Your Own Muse poster campaign for Music Unites, talking about the emotional response from the girls who received new Fender guitars.)
Each year House of Rock LLC brings to life a $20 million historic estate and transforms it into an unparalleled exclusive media event and live music venue that becomes a larger than life virtual pop culture experience.
• To read more about the 2012 House of Rock and see more decor photos read the feature article in the LA Times.

Posted September 17, 2012

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