My Silent Bravery Talks “Amazing,” Chris Daughtry and “Can’t Quit” Attitude


Matthew Wade of My Silent Bravery finds “Amazing” in every day moments and silver linings. His new “Amazing” music video features MTV’s Cara Maria and is the result of a beautiful real life adaptation of how “the best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.” [1] It’s not surprising that Wade was able to turn the day’s shoot into a win given that he’s a Boston based artist. From a city called Worcester pronounced (Woost’-er), the “Wooster boy” is able to dust off the dark and find the light in simplicity.

Wade has a “Can’t Quit” attitude even through what he calls the “highs and lows in the roller coaster of [his] music career.” The highs of which include performing and sharing the stage with acclaimed musicians Chris Daughtry, Delta Rae, John Waite, Kris Allen, Howie Day, Candlebox, Ryan Cabrera, Jason Castro, Teddy Geiger, Tyler Hilton, Ed Kowalczyk and Rusted Root.

“Amazing” is radio ready and subject to personal interpretation. My Silent Bravery doesn’t try to define “Amazing” for you but rather shows you that you can find it anywhere in your life. Says Wade, “One of the reasons I do music is to bring joy into other people’s lives. Going into this video [directed by Vassili Shields] shoot we sort of had one idea in mind…the idea was kind of going to be this big party video where we go around spread fliers all day and then we come into this night club scene and have this big sort of “Amazing” party. The day of the video shoot all these things sort of started to not fall into place. There was this huge storm that happened that day so all these people that were supposed to come out, you know a lot of them couldn’t make it. We had to sort of change our direction on the fly. …I think one of the things that I learned through the filming of the video is everything actually went how it was supposed to go. What became more amazing about it was the simplicity. As opposed to having this big party, you make the situation ‘Amazing.'”

Chatting with Wade on the phone, I asked him what three “Amazing” things have happened in his life that he attributes to getting him where he is today. He answers, “A lot of that is perspective. I have an amazing family, amazing friends and supporters. I have an amazing connection in terms of my spirituality, my belief and faith in God, just very blessed. In terms of music, …working with the right people. They’re able to help me in a way that hadn’t been there before.”

“I feel really great and amazing about where things are right now in my career and in my viewpoint towards that too because you know, it can be a very tough business. So, [I’m] just feeling really great about things and great about this new record,” Wade shares. My Silent Bravery’s new album “Diamond From Coal” (release date TBD) is twelve tracks and produced by both Anthony Resta (Duran Duran, Sir Elton John, NEEDTOBREATHE, Blondie) and Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, James Blunt, Korn). “I had a great experience working with both those guys, super talented in their own right, multi-instrumentalists, worked on tons of great records and you know, great people on top of being great musicians and great producers,” says Wade of his experience collaborating with Resta and Huart.

Matthew Wade’s inspirational music and optimism is contagious and as we talk I can feel myself beginning to wonder if his positive outlook is what makes “Amazing” seem so genuine and helps him obtain the incredible placements his music has gained. My Silent Bravery songs have been played on the CW’s One Tree Hills, MTV’s Real World and True Life, the Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club and Amsale Girls, the History Channel’s American Pickers, and Animal Planet’s Last Chance Highway.

Having shared a stage with Chris Daughtry, I asked Wade what he learned from Daughtry whom was a trailblazer for rock music in the reality TV world on American Idol. “I’m a fan of Chris Daughtry. I watched part of the season when he was on American Idol. I was in disbelief when he got voted off. …When I met him he was such a humble and great person. Really good dude. He was quick to take a picture or chat with you. Made me feel like I was a part of the night and was happy to be there. It was interesting in terms of the dynamic of the night. There was another band that was on before him–Delta Rae–they’re like a seven piece band and he followed them with him and one other guy. To me, it was pretty amazing to see him go up after this seven piece band, and if you’ve seen their live show they are very active you know it’s a big show. So it was just him and one other guy putting on this acoustic performance afterwards and I think that most people left there thinking that nothing was taken away from his performance by that huge ensemble before him. So to me I think I learned just stay true to yourself and do what your thing is. Your individual light will shine either way as long as you are trying to connect with your audience. …I think it’s just been cool to see him follow his own path. He had some other opportunities–I think he was sought out to be the lead singer of Fuel at one point, he turned that down. It just wasn’t his path. So I think it’s been inspiring for other artists to recognize that there’s ways to blaze your own trail.”

Matthew Wade is following suit and blazing his own trail. Look for My Silent Bravery’s new album “Diamond From Coal” out this summer. I’m betting it’s going to be “Amazing.”

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Q: What is the last album you either downloaded or purchased?
A: Drake “Nothing Was The Same”

Q: If you had to choose one song title to describe your personality, which would it be?
A: My Silent Bravery “Can’t Quit”

“I’m big on giving back not only to charity but to the community at large. My song “To Give” [feat. Matisyahu] hits home to me.” Matthew Wade supports Spirituality For Kids. You can donate here:


[1] “To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest with the Plough” poem by Robert Burns 1785

By Nicole Hanratty
May 26, 2014