ONE 432 Makes Relaxed Retro Cozy

When we ask how can you change the world, we really do want to know. While shopping in New York, we came across this brand, ONE 432, that may just be a top 10 in new favorite brands that give back.

The LOAR Review

We admit, we hated waiting three to four weeks for the hoodie to arrive (they were taking custom orders when we purchased it). But once we received this cozy hoodie, the fight for it began.

The custom unique stitching pops off of the ONE 432 designs. The colors of stitching and the Hoodie pull string add a dash of color to what would otherwise be a solid hoodie. (We bought black with red stitches and hoodie string. See photo below.)

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The ONE432 brand supports and provides contributions to a school in a remote difficult to access area in Pakistan. You can shop knowing a portion of your purchase go towards sponsoring n child’s tuition and supplies.

“ONE432 is raising funds to empower the community with access to first-class education along with investing in developing the local infrastructure that boosts tourism and the local economy.” []

Online the ONE 432 Artisan company sells hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, shorts, and home accessories. (Their tote bags are super cute shopping bags.)

Luxurious hand embroidered accents by our amazing artisan, Rafia, embody the one-of-a-kind personality to each individual piece, while enhancing its universal appeal.”


The quality of the hoodie we purchased meets expectations for the price point. What we love most is that the hoodie doesn’t look like a print-on-demand hoodie or just another hoodie in your closet. The design leads with custom craftsmanship, the signature look of the ONE 432 brand.

The sweatshirt is a must-have as we move into the colder months.

Go browse for the feel-good giving back to charity purchase. Shop for their hip designs and custom designs.

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