Say Say chat “Like An Animal” KROQ and opening for The Beach Boys


Say Say Like An Animal screen shot via YouTube
Say Say Like An Animal screen shot via YouTube

The most recent indie rock band to be hopping all over the KROQ Locals Only scene is hot duo Say Say with explosive talent that projected these two friends onto the scene with the first song they wrote together. Their single “Like An Animal” taps into the unconscious and has been playing on the radio waves. Band member Jessie Gurtis describes their music as electronic indie. “If they don’t understand what I’m talking about when I say electronic indie I kind of just describe it as, ‘It’s got a beat and a melody and lyrics that will make you want to move around.’ It makes you want to kind of groove to it. …When you catch people bobbing their heads to it, you know you’re on to something.”

These boys splash electro tinges into their Beach Boys inspired rock that has the fresh sound of summer with a sexy splash of late night rave. You can catch Say Say play live in Los Angeles at the El Rey Theatre on January 23, 2015 with White Arrows.

Life of a Rockstar’s Nicole Hanratty grabbed 15 minutes with Adam Reiter (vocals, guitar) and Jesse Gurtis (keyboard, back-up vocals) to discuss the important things in life like just how the two pulled off opening for their personal music heroes, The Beach Boys.

“It’s been quite a journey for us to get to this point,” explains Adam. “We played Sunset Strip Music Festival (SSMF) this last summer and after that KROQ just kind of organically happened which is kind of the way we wanted this project to go. We wanted it to be something that naturally happened.”


On the importance of being in festivals and reaching fans in this way Adam says, “The cool thing about festivals right now is that there are so many of them that are popping up and it really allows bands in our position—bands and artists, solo acts as well—to get out there and play in front of bigger crowds. …It doesn’t have to be all of these massive bands that fill up the bill. There are spots for bands at our level right now. Sunset Strip we played with Jane’s Addiction, icons in the music industry. To be on a show like that was definitely an honor.”

The Beach Boys are one of Say Say’s major influences. The weekend after SSMF they opened for the legendary band after writing a letter. Explains Adam, “It’s definitely a full circle thing. We grew up listening to bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, that’s our parent’s generation. When they were kids they were the bands coming up and they are really timeless. I learned to sing and harmonize by listening to The Beach Boys. I could not believe when we got that show. It was one of those things where if nothing else happened after that, I would have been happy.”

How did it come to be? Adam explains. “We did an interview on a radio station in Laguna Beach called KX93.5 and after that the guys at the station mentioned they were in touch with The Beach Boys camp…we ended up jumping in and helping by pushing them towards some of the people we knew that could put the show on properly. …I had to write a personal letter to The Beach Boys letting them know why we wanted to be on the show, etc. I just wrote a very sort of heartfelt and true letter that they sent to them and we got a response back that said, “You guys are definitely on the show and this sounds great.'”

Adam and Jessie say that every day when they wake up they look out of their window and see the Capitol Records building. For these two, music is where they come from and where they are headed. Say Say is not just an emerging band, they are drawing from their roots to create music that connects. Check out their singles “Don’t Stop,” “Touch,” and “Like An Animal” which are an organic progression of their sound and songs that will indeed make you want to groove.



By Nicole Hanratty
December 21, 2014