Like musicians build their setlists, you build your seasonal wardrobe. We approach shopping like we are creating an album. The pieces and the accessories should all build up to something, your overall signature style.

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Fall Fashion 2021

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Style is more than a look, it’s a way of life.

Life of a Rockstar™

At LOAR, we shop anonymously. The Setlist Shop features favorite finds, they are appearing without paid promotion. We lean into things we love. So go ahead and browse the Setlist Shop to build your rockstar style below. Fingers crossed it’s not already sold out. 

5 Rockstar Style FAQs

No. 1 • Can I run your social media accounts? Why don’t you post these cool styles and great finds on Instagram? Yes, we have an Instagram @lifeofarockstar. No, we don’t post there every day. Our purpose is to end every day knowing we’ve said “you’re welcome” to someone we’ve helped and close our laptops with a smile on our faces.

No. 2 • Do you get paid when I click on the links a commission for the beautiful fashion and fun style finds that you feature? We do not.

No. 3 • I’m a brand. Can I send you a free product for your consideration to be featured on your website? Unfortunately no. We get too much enjoyment out of browsing stores, shopping latest trends, finding must-have styles, and being the first to discover new brands. Therefore, we don’t accept free products for consideration.

No. 4 • But you’ve already featured my amazing cosmetic line / cute new jewelry / hot fashion looks. Can I at least send you a thank you? As long as we can say, “you’re welcome.”

No. 5 • You always find the cutest styles! Where do you shop to find rockstar styles? Which stores do you shop in? We don’t limit ourselves to a list of stores, or fashion hub cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York. We seek out brands that do good, give back and support charities. We shop local, abroad, large and small stores, often, and always with a smile on our faces.

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