Syfy’s Defiance Nichole Galicia on Quentin Tarantino

Interview by Nicole Hanratty
Posted June 20, 2015

Nichole Galicia as “Kindzi” is the hottest new alien actress to join the cast of Season Three of (NBC/Universal) SyFy’s Defiance. Her new role requires the stunning actress discovered by Quentin Tarantino who hand-picked Galicia to play the love interest of Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained to play a fierce warrior.

Nichole Galicia previously starred in the Jamie Foxx short film as a modern day “Bride of Frankenstein” in “And She Was My Eve.” More recently she played Juliet in the movie “Wish I Was Here” opposite Jim Parsons as her Romeo starring Kate Hudson. Now Galicia represents the scary alpha female of the Omec alien race in Defiance and she credits both her mother and her mentor Vanessa Bell Calloway as inspiration for the role.

(Note: the questions come from LOAR editor Nicole Hanratty—with no h—and the answers come from the stunning alien actress Nichole—with an h—Galicia.)

Nicole: From Jim Parsons, Quentin Tarantino, Leonardo DiCaprio to Jamie Foxx and Ron Howard, you’ve worked with some of the best in the industry.  Can you tell us one trait you would like to emulate from each of those five Hollywood legends?

Nichole: Each of the Hollywood legends listed share something in common, incredible work ethic. Leonardo DiCaprio did so much research on the era in which Django Unchained was set that it was astounding and admirable. None of these guys became a legend by accident, they earned it. Quentin told me to “always be the little fish in the big pond because swimming with big fish teaches you how to swim faster.”

Nicole: In your new SyFy show “Defiance” Kindzi is a fierce warrior.  Which strong female role models that you have observed either current of from when you were a little girl do you think influence your acting and inspire you?

Nichole: My mother is a strong, woman, my mentor Vanessa Bell Calloway is a strong woman so I didn’t need to look very far to find Kindzi’s essence. Now they wont eat you, well my mother would if you messed with her baby, but I have no lack of inspiration when a role calls for a woman who is about her business, smart and loyal. All the women in my life are forces to be reckoned with, from my attorney to my girlfriends I guess I’ve always surrounded myself with strong, smart women. This role is a game changer for me. Kindzi is the most complex character I’ve ever created. I can’t wait for you [to] watch the entire season. The writing on season 3 of Defiance is phenomenal, the show has been taken to the next level.


Nicole: Which song is your guilty pleasure—you know the one you turn up, rock out and sing to at the top of your lungs?

Nichole: Anything by Beyonce. I have very eclectic musical taste, I love everyone from Childish Gambino to Van der Graaf Generator to Taylor Swift but we probably can’t be friends if you have a problem with my Queen Bey.

Nicole:  If you could uncover and discover the answers to three great mysteries of the world, which three would they be?

Nichole: I’d like to find the cure for cancer, discover if the Duchesse of Alba posed for Goya’s “La Maja Desnuda,” and once and for all find out what James Hunt had against shoes?

Nicole:  If you could be on the next flight / mission to outer space but you had to commit to living there like an alien for at least a year, would you go?

Nichole: Ohhh aliens require 4 hours of makeup, they speak a language that’s murder on your throat and have to be willing to eat anyone, a mean thing, so no thank you.

Nicole: Where are we most likely to find you when you aren’t working?

Nichole: When I’m not working I like to travel, when I’m not traveling I’m on my very comfy couch.

Nicole: What is your favorite thing to collect?

Nichole: Art. Some girls spend their money on shoes and bags, I spend mine on paintings.

I have donated money and time to charities that work toward improving gay rights, cancer research, child abuse, Alzheimer’s research etc. The best part of being an actor is being able to be a megaphone for causes that can improve our world.

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