Until The Ribbon Breaks Chats London Grammar

Until The Ribbon Breaks Chats Meeting London Grammar and Sings About Ramen,  at SXSW 2015
Until The Ribbon Breaks Chats Meeting London Grammar and Sings About Ramen, at SXSW 2015

March 19, 2015—Austin, Texas—Quizmaster Pete aka Pete Lawrie-Winfield of Until The Ribbon Breaks–the trio from Wales–takes over the mic for Life of a Rockstar. In this funny interview, Until The Ribbon Breaks–just on tour with London Grammar–shares their best (and “best can also mean worst”) stage moment in Austin, TX at SXSW.

Watch James Gordon rap his last texting conversation and sing about ramen while Elliot Wall talks about disappearing into the night on road trips and making sure he always looks good.

Until the Ribbon Breaks also shared with us how they met London Grammar in the exact venue wherein this interview takes place in Austin, Texas during SXSW last year. “Literally one year today, myself and James sat over there on the balcony area and Dot walked past from London Grammar. And he was like looking over at us and we were like that’s weird, we recognize him, why is he doing that to us. It started getting a bit weird. He came over like, ‘Hey man. I’m Dot from London Grammar.’ The rest is history…” shared Elliot Wall.

Until The Ribbon Breaks are set to play Coachella April, 2015. Their new album “A Lesson Unlearnt” is out now and available for purchase on iTunes.

via HighRise PR:
“A Lesson Unlearnt” brims with big beats and bold melodies, carried by strong undercurrents of reflection, observations and a longing to connect in a seemingly disconnected world. Such heavy revelations are disguised in intricate melodies and weaved together by chief lyricist/producer and front-man Pete Lawrie-Winfield – a former film-student hailing from Cardiff – who’s clever way-with-words and understanding of space and time helped created this impressive debut album.
“A Lesson Unlearnt” was written and recorded in Wales, U.K, New York City and Los Angeles, and features a cohesive array of R’n’B influenced tracks such as the poignant (and current single) “Revolution Indifference” which features long time collaborators Run The Jewels, as well as the infectiously modern-day-bluesy number “A Taste Of Silver” (featured on HBO’s hit series The Others).
On April 11th and 18th the band will perform live at Coachella Festival in Indio, California.

1. The Other Ones (Intro)
2. Orca 
3. A Taste Of Silver
4. Romeo
5. Perspective (Feat Homeboy Sandman)
6. Spark 
7. Revolution Indifference (Feat Run The Jewels)
8. Persia 
9. Pressure 
10. Goldfish
11. Until The Ribbon Breaks

By Nicole Hanratty
Posted March 26, 2015

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